Final Space 3×10

It’s raining Garys! Hallelujah!

A very tense, EXTREMELY aesthetically pleasing episode there. Lemme just find some more shots so I can show you what I mean.

So this was a “The characters think everything is going to be finally okay but then it gets even worse than it was before” episode, always an emotional rollercoaster but even more so now since no-one knows if the show will be renewed. :/

I spent this whole episode expecting Sheryl to die (I don’t think she really deserved that hug. I miss the days when I loved to hate her) but poor Kevin Van Newton bit it instead. RIP Kevin, we hardly knew ye. What a great death scene though.

And… his last words were interesting? “Salvation comes in the blink of an eye,” was something Quinn said to Gary when no-one else was around, and yet… Oh dang was Kevin a future Gary all along?! I always really liked that theory. Godspeed (or Goodspeed?) Kevin.