cool old stuff I found at my parents’ house

Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted I got to VISIT MY FAMILY!! Can you believe it? FINALLY things are sliding back to normal.

While there I got to go in the attic and look at old scrapbooks, and I found various bits of Cool Old Stuff! Check it out:

Amnesty International magazine (I was part of an Amnesty group in high school) being ahead of the curve on the word “snowflakes.”

A newspaper from five days after 9/11.

Some drawings my dad did for a student magazine in the 1970s!

These paintings were done by my grandfather, and they’re REALLY GOOD

And these are postcards all the way from the 1920s! Look, that’s what people sent before birthday cards! Some of the names referred to in the messages are people I recognise (though not all). The baby referred to in the “Baby’s 1st Birthday” cards was, in fact, my grandmother.