Final Space 3×09

Good lord, they did it! They made me feel sorry for Clarence!

I doubt I’ll ever like him but I’m a sucker for a good redemption=death sequence. Also gosh, we lost Todd too! (he had it coming even more than Clarence.)

Tribore played a big role in this one and for once I found him tolerable, hooray. I wonder if that’s the last we’ll ever see of him… I kinda hope so?

Things are progressing so fast I almost wonder if this really will be the final season after all. I really hope not, unless Olan Rogers is able to end the series how he chooses. There’s still a lot of unanswered questions though. For a start, where is Evra? (Also what is Evra, but…) Shouldn’t Ash want to take her along as well?

I saw that ending coming from a mile away, and “Where you go I go” had me audibly going “awww” at the screen.