Final Space 3×08

So I feel this season has been quite hit-and-miss so far but this one is DEFINITELY a hit, what a great episode, wow. As soon as the serene spot the crew picked for Fox’s funeral turned out to be a simulation I knew something special was coming.

So now we have our LGBT character I guess, and it’s Ash! I absolutely loved how her sudden bond with Evra helped her heal and I really hope that whatever Evra is it’s not something sent from Invictus. Their connection was so sweet, oh man don’t let it be ruined.

When I first saw the trailer for this season I assumed the Gary-Avacato fight would be something to do with Invictus possessing one of them, but nope, it was just them. Probably good they got it all out of their systems but now Gary knows the secret of Little Cato’s parentage and that’s not going to end well, oh man.

This episode was full of beautiful moments – Mooncake sending off the coffin, the whole concept of the Hidden Lights – but I think my actual favourite moment was Little Cato’s speech at Fox’s funeral. It was so sad and so bittersweet. My hope for the end of Little Cato’s story now is that he returns to Ventrexia and ends the war in honour of Fox. Assuming we even get an ending for any of the characters, apparently this show’s renewal hopes are not fantastic, sigh. I wish more people were watching it, they don’t know what they’re missing.