Final Space 3×07

(big spoilers ahead, obviously)

Awww man. I thought this character death was by far the most likely one and yeah, there we go. Poor poor Fox.

I do really wish they’d given Fox a bit more development before killing him off. In this episode we finally learned the most tragic aspect of his tragic backstory but there isn’t time to do anything with it before he goes. I expected the last shot of this episode to be Ash removing Fox’s machine gun arm and I’m kinda disappointed that didn’t happen?

Ash is full-on dark side now I guess. I don’t think it’s so much the horror of seeing Gary specifically kill her brother, she knew it wasn’t him in control, it’s more that it’s so consistently her who keeps losing people I guess. She’s lost a sister, a father (albeit a terrible one), a friend/mother-figure and now the brother who she probably loved more than anyone else around. I wonder what’s going to snap her out of it. I suspect and hope it’ll be Quinn.

Poor poor Gary as well. His expression at the end of this episode, oh man.