The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 6

Aannnnd that’s the end! For now anyway. I admit I found this series a bit muddled at times. So many things seem to be glossed over, I guess? For example Sharon kills a dude using a face-melting weapon so horrific it must be a war crime, and she does this while working with the good guys and it just… isn’t mentioned again. Sam hears the words “mercury gas” or whatever it was but he doesn’t ask any follow-up questions. Maybe it will come up again eventually (I’ve heard a strong theory that this Sharon is a Skrull, which I like because she is absolutely nothing like the Sharon I remember) but I kinda feel like that moment encapsulates (enCapsulates?) a lot of the MCU’s biggest flaws, like, it shouldn’t even be entertaining the idea that maybe people on the “good” side can do that sort of thing and it’s okay cos it serves a greater purpose? Am I reading too much into that? I probably am, but… Eh.

And while we’re talking about flaws here’s one that isn’t the fault of TFATWS itself but an unlucky consequence of how the MCU works. When the “previously on” was catching us up on what past bits were important one of the clips used was Isaiah talking about his wife, and a little lightbulb in my head went “Wait, time travel exists in this universe. Reality warping exists in this universe. Are they going to bring Isaiah’s wife back to him?!” And they didn’t, and they shouldn’t because this isn’t that kind of story, but… It’s always gonna be a question in MCU stories going forward I think and that’s an impossible balancing act. Blending fantasy with the worst kinds of reality is just… Hard.

But anyway – I’m glad this show had a happy ending, seeing Sam and Bucky together with Sam’s family at the end was lovely. This whole thing was such a great showcase for those two characters and said a lot of very important things, I just wish it had been a little more consistent I guess?