Final Space 3×05

Okay that’s definitely my favourite of the season so far. Beautiful imagery, very little jarring comedy interruption, and QUINN BACKSTORY!

I came out of this episode both with a greater understanding of her and feeling so terribly bad for her, because her relationship with her sister didn’t exactly seem great and her relationship with her mother DEFINTELY did not. The concept of leaving a small child locked in a morgue to teach them responsibility is, uh, the opposite of good parenting and I wonder what Quinn’s relationship with her mother was like after that.

Avery’s death (or maybe ‘death’) looked a lot like John’s in a way, especially with the family member looking on unable to do anything about it.

Ash was fantastic this episode, but then again “grieving girl who has enough superpowers exploding out of her to destroy the world” is a favourite trope of mine. (See also: Wandavision.) I’m sure she’ll be back before too long.

Gary’s speech about death and memories at the end of this episode was really, really lovely. One of the best scenes in the whole show I think.