You know, having read Master and Apprentice now, I am dying at the whole perpetual Fandom Debate about whether it’d have been better had Qui-Gon been Anakin’s master. Anakin “Let’s Fly Off the Handle at the Slightest Prompting” Skywalker being led around by Qui-Gon “Chosen One Prophecy Obsessive” Jinn. Oh my God. L O L. 

Anakin: [walking into Qui-Gon’s room at 2AM] Master, I had a very vivid nightmare about something terrible happening. What do you suppose it means?
Qui-Gon: [bolting out of his bed, grabbing an emergency kit bag out of a drop-down ceiling tile] I have no idea, but I do know we should probably flee to the unknown regions just to be safe, and spend all of our time obsessing over whatever it is you saw while sending increasingly insane messages to the Council about it.  [grabbing Anakin’s shoulders] Do you feel different? Are you injured in any way? Did any evil forces long thought dead attempt to contact you in any way?
Anakin: [more confused than usual] Injured? Master, I was sleeping and –
Qui-Gon: [stuffing a thermometer in Anakin’s mouth] I’m also going to need you to give me a quick blood sample. [shines a light into each of Anakin’s eyes] 
Anakin: [eyes widening, thermometer still in his mouth] Blood sample?! 
Qui-Gon: [pacing, laughing nervously] Don’t panic, my young Padawan. There’s still possibly a small chance whatever you saw isn’t literally going to happen in real life. [pauses, furrowing his brow and looking into the distance] …or…maybe it has to happen. Wait, is it that we want your visions to come true, or that we should try to stop them? I can never remember where I landed on that one.