Final Space 3×02

This was supposed to be a lighthearted episode, if I remember rightly, but it opened up a lot of big questions nonetheless. The Lord Commander is back (noice), Avacato probably still has Invictus within him and now Bolo has a super cool space sword.

Biskit debuted in this episode and everyone was looking so forward to him but I don’t find him all that cute or engaging, sorry! Maybe he’ll get better as we go along? I mean, he is a cat, that’s always a plus.

I’m really glad Nightfall is still part of the story and still being mentioned, she’s kinda completely a separate entity from Quinn at this point which is terribly confusing but I hope it leads to some good Quinn moments later. What I really want is for Quinn and Ash to have a conversation about her, though that probably should have happened back in episode 1 to be honest.

I’m really going to miss HUE in his robot form. His design was so adorable. Awww. :(