Wandavision episode 7

AAAH here it is, the big reveal! I think most people called it but I was NOT expecting the way they did it. Loved that, totally loved it, that song is gonna be stuck in my head for days now. You probably know the spoiler already if you’re reading this right? She’s Agatha Harkness, a character I know very little about but am immediately interested in! (One thing I do know about her, fact fans, Jack Harkness from Doctor Who was named after her.) Kathryn Hahn is AMAZING at playing chaotic evil, incidentally, I hope Agatha sticks around in the MCU and just like, occasionally shows up in other movies/shows just to be a troll.

Man the way they’ve added a new element with every new era of sitcom as we go through the show has been wonderful. This is one of the most inventive uses of the breaking-the-fourth-wall trope I’ve ever seen so far. (Modern Family was another sitcom I watched during lockdown.)

Monica now officially has superpowers! I bet she’ll be the person who fixes all this. I’ve noticed, her color is blue, Wanda’s is red obviously, and Agatha’s is purple ie a combination of the two. That probably means nothing but I figured it was worth pointing out since we’re all throwing theories around.

Today’s commercial was for “Nexus,” perhaps the Nexus of reality?

This episode provided no answers to the questions surrounding Pietro but I hope we’ll get them soon. I also really hope his being Evan Peters wasn’t a misdirect y’know? If you imply you’re colliding two fictional universes due to gaining a monopoly over the entertainment industry then goddammit, you’d better follow through on colliding two fictional universes due to gaining a monopoly over the entertainment industry.

Did anyone else spot this creepy little split-second in the Vision-less opening credits?