Wandavision episode 3

I guess it’s only single episodes from here on? Ah well. I was totally spoiled for one thing because this morning “Pietro” was trending on Twitter, but it turned out to be a mention of him rather than his return! Well that’s good too. This is the first time he’s been mentioned since like… Age of Ultron, which is pretty daft really considering how important he was to Wanda.

Anyway this episode was packed with clues as to what’s really going on. Vision’s “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” is 100% accurate, they’re all players in Wanda’s imaginary world. Herb’s cutting through the concrete wall is played for laughs but I took that as the part of him that’s aware of what’s going on trying frantically to get out. (Brrr.) Geraldine was an intruder so she has to go. I really expected Wanda was going to straight-up kill her so it was somewhat of a relief that she didn’t.

The advert this time was “Hydra Soak: Release the Goddess Within” which manages to have even more chilling implications than it would have done anyway, because if Wanda can rewrite reality and even create new life (the twins) who’s to say she’s not a literal goddess?

I see speculation ramping up that this mysterious unseen “Ralph” might be Mephisto and that the stork was also him, because otherwise why was there a random stork walking around unaffected by Wanda’s powers? I wonder.

I’m REALLY enjoying all this as you can probably tell. Also shout out to the outfits! Geraldine’s blue outfit with the fish and the blue waistcoat was a DELIGHT, did everyone dress like this in the 70s? Why did they stop?!