With that Daisy Ridley interview making the rounds, it reminds me again that I’m really, really so fervently glad that they didn’t go with connecting her to Obi-Wan’s character because, honestly, I’m not really sure what that would gain.  (As always, this is just my own take on it, nobody’s forced to agree, nor am I going to go around finger-wagging at people who enjoy the idea.  Have fun with it, I hope you have a blast!


It probably would have had to be through Satine’s character, which would then probably have been a secret from the character, so, like, Obi-Wan never knew this biological line and for it to have meaning to Obi-Wan’s character, it would be saying that biological family lines are deeply important to his character and I’m not sure they are?  Obi-Wan was an adopted kid himself, he considers the Jedi Order his family, not the biological members of his lineage, why would giving him a biological child take precedence for him?  In theory, he could have both, but without ever actually knowing them in life, why would Obi-Wan Kenobi himself be connected to them?

He’s a Jedi through and through, he doesn’t have to have biological kids to have a family that he loves or a legacy that he wanted to pass on.  He already had that, the Jedi were his brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers and aunts and uncles.  I don’t see it gaining anything for his character.

As for Rey’s character, what would she gain from being connected to Obi-Wan? With her connection to Palpatine, as clumsily done as it was, it was about Rey fighting her own views of inherited darkness, that it’s not actually how the Force works or how people work, but it’s how she feared things worked and it was something she had to overcome.  That she spent so long defining herself by blood family and that connection made her dark, that was her story.

If she had been descended from Obi-Wan, that story wouldn’t have happened, so what would have taken its place instead?  He’s long dead and his ghost seems to barely be around, it’s not like he could really be her family in any way that would matter to either of them.  Any descendants of Obi-Wan’s, like, say, if they put Korkie Kenobi in the series as being alive and interacting with Rey, wouldn’t really mean anything to Obi-Wan, because [waves hand above], so it wouldn’t really ultimately mean anything to Rey for her character, either.

Plus, it would still be going against the idea that the Force and the Jedi aren’t about legacies, that Star Wars is about Anakin Skywalker’s story, but he’s really the only major legacy in it, otherwise Jedi have always come from nowhere.

The reason Anakin and Luke are so important is because they’re there to connect with each other when Luke has always wanted that/because Anakin desperately needs a reason to turn back and has murdered all his other chances, basically.  Skywalkers are important to each other because they directly impact each others’ lives, not just because they’re blood related.  Impact > blood relation most of the time in Star Wars and I feel like Rey Kenobi would have been going against that, because it’s not what Obi-Wan Kenobi’s character was about.