Recent events in America

So I suppose if you’ve been reading even just Twitter you’ll know about the two most-reported-on race-hate incidents that took place over the past few days. One ended in death and one thankfully did not. I’ve held off on writing anything because I’m a) white and b) not American, or have spent much time in America at all. And I really, REALLY do not want to watch the George Floyd video. I know it’s important footage but I can’t bring myself to watch it.

I know what I feel on looking at stills from it, though, which is “If the murderer got the death penalty, maybe the next racist cop would think twice. Plus it’d be hard to argue he didn’t deserve it.” And I’m VERY against the death penalty. But… this creature who is not really deserving of a name suffocated a man to death in broad daylight while people yelled at him to stop. (I read descriptions of the video.) And by all accounts he enjoyed it. And would do it again. And you know what, probably will do it again unless someone intervenes and if that means the death penalty I just… don’t care in that particular case.

Sigh. John Boyega aka Finn really sums the whole thing up.

(annnnnd he got pushback even for tweeting that because OF COURSE he did, sigh.)