Avatar: The Last Airbender

Eyyyy, obviously it’s been years upon years since Avatar first came out (season one was released in TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE, wow) but during lockdown I have finally seen it. The whole thing! And it’s really good. Full of wonderful character development and not-talking-down-to-children and some of the most beautiful animation I’ve ever seen.

I loved Zuko’s redemption arc (I already knew that it was considered one of the best of TV history) but I think my favourite character was Sokka. When he took a level in badass I practically cheered.

I’m watching Legend of Korra now but it’s not quite as engrossing, I have high hopes it will get that way soon though. (I do love that we get to meet everyone’s children, and I also love that it transpires Aang was a flawed parent.)

It’s a good thing there was never a live-action movie! Imagine what they might do to it!