The Last Zoom on Earth

The Last Man on Earth did a reunion from quarantine and talked about the show, and although I didn’t get to see it live it was a BIG DEAL for me. Some highlights:

  • Chris Miller describing the show as “kind people coming together in extraordinary circumstances”
  • Will Forte having fanmade dolls of all the main characters on his shelf
  • Cleo Coleman and Mary Steenburgen calling each other the best kisser
  • Mel Rodriguez pop-and-locking
  • People showing off both their children and their dogs
  • Will and Kristen twerking
  • Everyone who had an Oscar holding it up
  • Will not being able to remember anything
  • Mary Steenburgen talking about how The Last Man on Earth helped get The Good Place off the ground
  • The cast singing the praises of Keith Williams (Jasper) and his new movie
  • Ted Danson making a cameo
  • Will talking about where his onscreen kids would be now
  • Some serious discussion of how TLMOE accidentally predicted some of the current situation
  • The cast being such good, sweet friends after all this time, oh gosh my heart

Anyway that was all done to raise money for Get Us PPE so go check it out!