Old photos

This frickin’ laptop broke yesterday. Not a problem with its actual functioning, this time. The lid/screen broke off. YES REALLY! That is a thing that happens!

I need to back up a lot of things, so I thought I might as well post some old photos here. Most of them are VERY old photos, taken from old photo albums.

My very first photograph, taken at age one!

Me aged I dunno 3? with a bucket and spade

Me a bit older, holy hell I had a lot of Disney stuff. That’s one of my Barbies, sadly I can’t remember which one, they all had different names but they looked the same

This is the nature pond at my lower school. They built it the year I left, I wonder if it’s still there.

Giant fallen tree

A lake! I think this is Willen Lake at Milton Keynes

My childhood bedroom, look at all the Pokemon

Warwick Castle, I think

Leighton Buzzard in what was probably 1995, during carnival

A 90s-era laptop. Maybe I should’ve got one of those instead