DAVE FILONI:  “You see Mace Windu’s the guy that tells little Anakin, no, he will not be trained.  You cut to Anakin and he’s like, ‘What??’  There’s this look on Anakin’s face like, ‘I’m gonna remember that, you’re a negative, why are you doing that?’
      “So you have to look at it, the Jedi are–though they mean really well for Anakin–they’re always telling him ‘no’.  They’re always saying ‘no, you’ll be expelled, you’ll have to leave the Jedi Order’.  And then Palpatine is always playing off that saying ‘they need you far more than you know, I think you’re the most powerful Jedi ever’.
      “So you have this one group that’s trying to train you to be this balanced person that has considerable skill, but they’re always limiting you, [Anakin] saying, ‘It’s all Obi-Wan’s fault, he’s holding me back’.  We have to assume that Obi-Wan’s doing these things for Anakin that are making him frustrated.
      “And then you’ve got Palpatine saying ‘no, you’re the best! you’re beyond the best! they need you, they don’t know it, I know it’.”

RFR INTERVIEWER:  “So, it’s the guy telling you the truth and the guy telling you what you want to hear.”

DAVE FILONI:  “Right.  So when you get to that point, all these things I’m talking about get you to that point where Palpatine’s on the ground and Mace Windu has a lightsaber at his throat and he’s saying ’he’s the traitor’.
      “So Anakin’s there and he’s choosing the guy that’s always told him ‘no’–that, while he respects him and [Mace’s] not a mentor, but he’s a fellow Jedi–and the father figure [of Palpatine] who holds the key possibly to immortality and you saving this person you love in Padme.”