The Rise of Skywalker novelization | by Rae Carson

I’m glad this was made clear, because I always thought that Kylo was telling the truth, too.  And that it made perfect sense that he was seeing what Rey thought was true, he was only seeing the glimpses that she had in her mind, as well as how the Force is NOTORIOUSLY unreliable when it comes to these things.

Like, you cannot wholly trust visions or snippets of overheard thoughts, visions are tricky and will make you jump at shadows or twist things so you’re only seeing it from a strange angle, rather than an objective truth.

It’s a moment that I always thought fit perfectly with how the Force works and what Kylo would have seen in that moment and what Rey herself was thinking, and I’m delighted that it got a nod here!

Oh man… I wish they’d explained all this in the movie.