Noughts and Crosses, episodes 2 and 3

Let’s take a look on Twitter while episode 3 airs!

…Okay, let’s not.

The stuff about Kamal’s affair and secret child seems to be coming more to the surface, I remember that from the book! But I don’t remember it being as prominent as it was in this.

Still no mention of Lynette, I guess she’s not in this version at all? Ah well.

“Milk-faced” is exactly the sort of insult which would exist in this world. And damn, the more subtle things, Jasmine insinuating that Noughts are drunken rapists without using the word, the McGregors having to go through the metal detector at the passing-out ceremony while the Crosses walk on by, Jude’s remark about changing a Nought-sounding name to a Cross-sounding one to get a job… and that’s not even getting into the “strength in difference” speech.

Regarding Lekan, who I think is the biggest character without a book counterpart:

I know we’re not supposed to like him but he seems a little too much of a one-dimension villain I guess. He’s cruel, controlling, has no redeeming features whatsoever. I suppose I like to dislike him, maybe. But I can’t see where his character could possibly end up at this point?

(Same with Dorn really, but I’m pretty sure the version of him in the book is killed.)

Meanwhile, Jasmine comes off as pretty awful (if tortured) during these episodes, but I look forward to the character development which I know is coming.

That one Cross woman who stopped and prayed at Danny’s memorial… that was a small moment but a big deal.