thiswaycomessomethingwicked — gondor will see it done


So the question of time again: how long can a kingdom remain a kingdom if it is king-less? A long time.

Decades, centuries. Boundaries and demarcations of ownership may ebb and flow with the natural tides of victory and defeat, interest and disinterest, growth and regression, but the unified body of Kingdom remains.

Boromir one time said, So long as everyone agrees that it ought to. He had been fifteen and was promptly rebuked by Mithrandir. 

And Mithrandir was right, the idea of a future hope keeps Gondor trudging onward in a bizarre fusion of movement and stasis. There is no time for this. 

Boromir has met the heir of Isildur. What a thing. Marvels upon marvels. He wishes to vomit into a finely sculpted bush. He puts this down to the food not agreeing with him. 

His father never spoke of the heirs of Isildur because there was no reason to speak of the heirs of Isildur. If they remained, they were no more and no less than the rest of us who are descended from the Dunedain therefore why should we give special credence to them? Special licence to those who shy away from duty and hide in the north. 

This heir of Isildur, whom the Elves and Mithrandir put special import upon, has a sword. It is broken. It is to be reforged before they set out. Boromir doesn’t say, I have more swords broken in the line of duty than fingers on a hand. 

What is a sword? 

Faramir would put meaning to it but Boromir can’t haul himself over that ledge just yet. He thinks, Oh yes, fine, the man has a sword and the man is tall with a commanding air, when he decides to put one. I know men like him. Indeed, I can be such a man when I want to. But I don’t go around dredging up the past so sand roils in surf making everything unclear.

thiswaycomessomethingwicked: So the question of time again: how long can a kingdom remain a kingdom… — gondor will see it done

Man I love it when I come across little fics like this.