so like obviously luke’s blood connection to vader ala I Am Your Father is the most famous star wars moment but tbh i think star wars mostly affirms non-‘blood’ families more then anything else? both luke and leia were adopted by loving families that they honor deeply. leia was adopted by the organas but that doesn’t make her any less of an organa or a princess. anakin and obi wan call & view themselves as family. same with the ghost crew from star wars rebels and the clones viewing each other as brothers. the mandalorian has din adopting the child as one of his own- and he himself was adopted into the mandalorians. honestly even luke and vader’s relationship is ultimately about choosing each other as family despite everyone saying they should disown each other. star wars is about family bonds yes but is also very invested in demonstrating how that concept is so much bigger than just direct nuclear lineage. family takes work, choice, sacrifice, mutual love and respect, and you can find it anywhere with anyone

I always thought Lucas’s background as an adoptive parent tied into this a little.