appreciation post: Mena Massoud’s Aladdin

I loved the new Aladdin film an embarassing amount. I thought it was wonderful. So it was somewhat disheartening to learn that Mena Massoud hasn’t had an audition since, and even more disheartening to see that Billy Magnussen’s white prince character on the other hand is getting his own spin-off for no reason. Oh god Disney, the optics of that, what the heck?

But anyway, an awful lot of the reaction to all this seems to be “So? He wasn’t any good anyway” and that baffles me because he was! He was charming, funny, could sing well, could dance well… he felt like the animated Aladdin come to life, and I can’t be the only person that felt that way, surely?

Massoud was fantastic and thoroughly deserved to win the role, so I hope things get better for him from now on. In the meantime, enjoy these gifs, which I hope adequately display the dude’s range.

(Also? Robert Pattinson was in Twilight for god’s sake. Now he’s Batman. Just sayin’.)