I have Pokemon Shield!

This game is gorgeous!

I guess as a Brit I’m fairly qualified to comment on the locales! I love the first village area, it’s so soft and gentle.

There’s me!

I think I’m rocking the default game outfit.

This game keeps in one of my favourite Pokemon details ever, which is that (in most cases) you crouch down to talk to them.

This dude (you also saw him at the beginning) is Leon. He’s cool.

Aha! It’s starter-choosing time!

I’d decided on Grookey ahead of time but I came so close to picking Sobble. The little dude just sits around and cries all the time and honestly? Relatable.

BUT, when you pick your starter, you also see the other two go off to good homes! And then you all have a party together! I love this game already.

You may have noticed that there are Wooloos EVERYWHERE in this game!

Aha! Here’s one of the little guys I was looking most forward to! Yamper!

This man dispenses good plant advice.

I just can’t get over how beautiful this game is! Before today I saw people complaining about the graphics in the way the internet is wont to do and, just, what?

I’m going to enjoy this adventure! Ps, my game also came with this little model, and I need to find a good place to display it immediately.