A tiny tribute to the Final Space creators and fans

Apparently season three is all but a done deal now, thank god! And I was delighted to encounter this notification on my Twitter yesterday:

It’s really rare for me to be in a fandom where the creator can pop up at anytime and thank you, and I love it.

Final Space fandom on reddit is terrible, because it’s reddit, but on Twitter things are more sedate and much nicer. I also get to see lots of gorgeous fanart:

(I meant to stop at around three, but there were so many good ones.)

I wish I could contribute more to this fandom, as all I’ve done so far are a handful of silly memes and a polymer clay Mooncake. I can’t draw, you see, and although I can write my fanfiction brain has just been turned off for months. Still, perhaps I can just soak everyone else’s great work in until I get some inspiration. (Maybe one day I’ll make something as good as Final Space, but I doubt it.)