Final Space 2×13

We’re here!

Overall, that was a good finale. My main qualm with it is the qualm I have with the overall season: I don’t like that Avacato’s back from the dead. Yes it’s plausible and yes it took sacrifices on the part of the characters but Avacato’s death was massive for the show. It turned the whole thing around. Suddenly no-one was safe anymore. To bring him back, and have him be pretty much apparently fine now, it negates all that and that makes me sad. I really loved the episodes where Little Cato deals with his grief and now they’ve lost a bit of their impact. Not all, but enough.

I do have an episode-specific qualm and that’s how fast and implausible Sheryl’s heel-face-turn was. A glance at an alternate past, put before you by people you don’t even know, that shouldn’t reaaaaally be enough. And I loved Sheryl as a total asshole. You don’t really get many female Total Assholes, especially not ones who are also mothers, so I adored her character for that reason alone and now… hmm. I suppose there’s the possibility that her semi-redemption might not last too long, but also: I hope Gary doesn’t completely forgive her. It would be in-character for him to do so, of course, but she doesn’t deserve it. She deserves nothing. Man I love her.

I didn’t see Nightfall’s death coming but it made sense, partly because it doesn’t really seem like a death. Her alternate self still exists and has finally been rescued. (Was anyone else expecting everything to go horribly wrong at that moment?) But wow, it was gorgeously animated:

The fact that she was calm and serene about it (plus, well, requested it) made it less tragic but spare a thought for poor Mooncake. He had to kill one of his friends! Strange to think those two even wound up friends.

I loved, LOVED that Nightfall’s (technical) last words were (sort of) to Ash – “You’re gonna be awesome”, ow my heart. I know, that was really more of a flashback, but I like to think it was still Nightfall saying it, in that moment, somehow.

That’s the other qualm I can think of with this series, considering how pivotal the Ash/Nightfall relationship turned out to be, why didn’t we see more of it?! I’m 100% willing to bet that’s not Olan’s fault, but oh god I wish we had. Ash holding Nightfall’s helmet at the end was really touching.

Hmm, that’s three qualms overall. Everything else was wonderful. This whole season has been wonderful, even if it hasn’t quite reached the heights of season one. Hopefully I’ll see you shortly for the rest of the story!