Final Space 2×12

Hooray, another excellent episode! Tribore was tolerable so it’s a win from me! There were moments between Gary and Nightfall and Ash and Fox. However the standout was…

Nightfall/Gary vs Sheryl! Lightsaber fight, essentially! And here’s where I simultaniously admire Gary and think he’s making a big mistake. Sheryl is a flat-out monster. Maybe she loves John in some strange twisted way but after all the shit she’s done she did not deserve to be rescued. I love Gary for being unable to kill her, the same way I love Luke Skywalker for being unable to kill Darth Vader, but I feel his compassion is gonna rebound on him in the worst way. Or maybe not! Let’s see.

A few questions and more stray thoughts:

  • Have we really seen the last of Todd? Based on some bits and pieces I’ve read from Olan I don’t think so but who knows.
  • I guessed at one point that Sheryl was an alcoholic. I was right! Poor Gary.
  • WHERE IS AVOCATO? I’m absolutely sure that soon we will see him die again.
  • The shot of Nightfall landing on the planet as her spacesuit flickers out is one of the coolest shots Final Space has ever done. Why’d ya have to ruin it, Gary?
  • I love Gary stealing the key from Sheryl last second. Dude was a thief after all.
  • What exactly does Sheryl think will happen when she gets John back? “Hi, honey, I heard you mistreated and abused our son for years after I died, plus a lot of murder. Fuck you.”
  • God I hope that happens. I love to hate Sheryl so much.