Final Space 2×11

Ah okay, so this is a Clarence episode. Dammit… wait, it’s about how much Clarence sucks and is awful. Okay, I’m back in!

This episode confirmed a couple of theories that everyone was pretty certain of already (honestly, Sheryl’s motivation has been kind of a given for ages now) but it also threw in some lovely bits of character detail and development which I appreciated. I love that Ash when told to lavish praise on someone went straight to Nightfall, I love that Gary always tries to minimise collateral damange, I love that Fox’s first instinct was to protect the rest of his family by shooting Clarence (even though he couldn’t do it in the end) and I love KVN’s final sacrifice.

KVN is the opposite of Clarence in a way. Both of them started off as annoying obstacles to Gary and things he outright hates, but while Clarence got worse and worse KVN became more and more part of the family, eventually giving up pretty much his mind so that Fox could live. Poor KVN. I hope Gary comes to appreciate you more, you little yellow ball of weird.

No such luck for Clarence. He’s left crying as everyone he’s ever cared about walks away. And I don’t feel sorry for him one bit! Like Gary says, too little too late. Oh, I’m sure he’ll be back for the finale and maybe he’ll attempt to redeem himself then. But I kind of prefer him as a cautionary tale.

He was however right about him and Sheryl being similar. Neither of them gave anywhere near enough of a damn about their children and both are lying, cheating assholes, no matter what seemingly noble path Sheryl is currently heading down. I wonder if she’ll meet an even worse fate than Clarence, because she thoroughly deserves it too.