A Bit of Banter

It goes without saying there are a lot of anger-making stories in the news right now, but this one particularly stood out to me.

This man’s defence was that the cardboard figures he had inside the cardboard “Grenfell Tower” effigy he burned were supposed to be him and his friends. I absolutely cannot get my head around this. His defence is that he thought it would be funny to imagine all his friends burning to death, apparently. Sorry for all the italics but that is the most pathetic, piss-poor excuse I’ve ever heard for anything.

Anyway, he got off.

Other excuses Paul Bussetti dished out: One of the figures he burned was supposed to be a person in a ninja costume, rather than a caricature of a Muslim person. Everyone at the party thought it was funny (to see figures apparently supposed to be themselves burn up). Despite the fact people uncovered a history of him making racist remarks, it absolutely was not racist. It was, in his words “just banter” except of course that normal damn people don’t banter about multitudes of people dying in a horrible, preventable tragedy.

Well. There’s only a couple of months to go until Bonfire Night. I hear people like burning effigys then, too, Paul.