Final Space 2×03

Hm, I’m not quite liking this series as much as the last (yet) but I’m not disliking it by any means. It’s still very entertaining. But I guess with all the new characters it doesn’t stop and breathe very much? Or that’s the feeling I get anyway. Also Mooncake has not really featured much so far which is a wee bit disappointing.

However! I believe this was the first Final Space episode to pass the Bechdel Test! And more than once! So that’s nice.

I do like Ash by far the best of the new additions. The budding romance between her and Little Cato, I’m sure it will be interesting, but I’m actually looking far more forward to see that weird mother-daughter relationship between her and Nightfall develop.

Uh….. I’m assuming the entire planet didn’t turn to ash (no pun intended) when that evil snake thing was killed? It would not surprise me but, jeez.