Final Space 2×02

Final Space is a strange beast because sometimes it opens with a man floating alone in the void of space about to die, and sometimes it opens with a literal pissing contest. This one opened with the pissing contest. So while it may not necessarily be the first episode I would show to a newcomer it was still interesting and funny enough to keep me engaged. Actually the pee contest was worth it for the Ash punchline* anyway, so that’s that. (I like Ash, she’s so freaking weird.)

Olan Rogers had a really interesting write-up of what he meant this episode to mean over here, and that made me like the dream-world scenes a lot more. Also I’m glad that Todd will be around more as he makes a good villain, although I still kinda miss the Lord Commander. I heard David Tennant was supposed to be in this episode but he wasn’t!

I note the opening titles have now become Avocato-less… Maybe we really will never see him again, which might be the best call. This show deals pretty heavily with loss after all, and you can’t just undo it.

*“Ash, you have an UTI.” “YES!”