More schools do this pls saying the pledge every morning is the most dystopian shit ever

No one forces you to do it lmao


Lmaoo it’s literally unconstitutional to require kids to stand for the pledge. I don’t for multiple reasons and not only can no one can make me, but no one has even tried, besides just curiously asking me why. Like fuck no ones forcing you lol

“No ones forcing you you’ll just be in an incredibly awkward position, socially ostracized, and threatened by staff :/// no one’s holding a gun to your head though so it’s ok !!!!!!”

Shut up dumbasses

I mean, it’s nice you went to schools where they didn’t force you?  ‘Cause… they’re forcing my son.

Literally.  Every day.  Threatening him, guilt-tripping him, trying to bribe him or shame him.  I have been down to his school to talk to the administration multiple times over this.  And EVERY SINGLE TIME I bring them the supreme court ruling on my phone and I remind them he has a constitutional right to NOT participate.

It never matters.  They say “Oh, well, then he should just sit quietly” and I say THAT’S WHAT HE WAS DOING, and they say “Okay then.”  And the next day he comes home and says, “Mom, today one of the teachers told me her son is in the army and I’m insulting her son by not standing for the pledge.”

This is an eleven-year-old they’re talking to this way.  And he was the one who made this choice.  He said he sees too much inequality in the world, and too many people in America are treated as sub-human, for him to want to chant ‘liberty and justice for all’ like it’s already happened.  I didn’t make the decision for him.  He said, “Do I HAVE to participate?  Because I don’t think it’s right” and I said I’d support him whatever his decision was.  And we’ve been fighting this guerrilla war with the administration ever since.

Just because something didn’t happen to you, specifically, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  How about you stop acting like your experiences are universal, all three of you up there.


I remember one time I was in the office waiting for my mom to bring me a shirt because I had a really bad nose bleed and mine was destroyed. Mind you I’m wearing a white shirt which now has a lot of blood on it. I did not feel well and did not stand for the national anthem. And an administrator in the office who I had never met told me I was being disrespectful and should be standing from the pledge. Lectured me until I forced her to acknowledge how much blood I had lost.

I’ve seen teachers stop class and lecture in front of the class or make everyone CONTINUE to stand until a student who was quietly sitting stands.

it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘unconstitutional’ to force someone, it happens anyway. Doesn’t matter if you go to the principal to complain if the principal feels the same way as the teacher. Doesn’t matter if you go to the school officer, or the police, or the news, or the anything else if they all think the same.