why is it that when a woman and a man get married, the woman can have as many bridesmaids as she can possibly fit into a single aisle, but the man only gets to have one (1) best man. he’s even called the BEST MAN. why does the groom have to choose between his friends? how does he even choose?? how do his other friends feel when they find out they are NOT his best, most favorite-est man. I’m not even a man and this is giving me anxiety

It’s based off how weddings were back in the day and some myths. Basically the best man wasn’t originally needing to be best friend they were the best swordsman the groom could get to stop someone who loves the bride from interrupting the wedding. And bridesmaids were originally wearing matching dresses as the bride and all in vails so demons couldn’t tell who the bride was and wouldn’t get her

this is the most metal thing I’ve ever heard oh my god

“I’ve hired a guy to kill whoever would try to ruin our special day! :)” “oh neat, I’ve found a swarm of my closest friends willing to sacrifice themselves for me in case demons show up!” “ohh nice!!”

weddings are way more life-or-death-y than I thought, I suddenly have an urge to get married