there’s a special place in my heart for tabloids that are straight up slander

It all makes sense now… Iron Man and Spiderman both have the same last name…….

the proof is out there

Rhodes tells all is my absolute fave part bci love the idea of rhodey eating a pizza on the couch in avengers tower, taking revenge on tony for screwing with his suit, TMZ on speaker, going: ‘ya, the kid’s his son [chewing] who’s the mother? [more chewing] uhhh black widow [chewing] they’re both spiders, you see. [taking a sip from his soda] why it didn’t work out? well, tony cheated on her with uhhh [steve walks in, waves at rhodey] with captain america. yeah it was very bad for team morale.’

[J. Jonah Jameson voice] It’s not SLANDER! …If it’s in print it’s LIBEL!