There’s a heatwave in the UK again and just a healthy reminder that comments like “lol thats not hot” or laughing at people suffering in the heat is not cool or funny. Just because it’s not hot for you doesn’t mean it’s hot for us. The mortality rate rises dramatically whenever we have a heatwave. We’re an island that’s on average between 3C (37.4F) in the Winter and 24C (75.2F) in the Summer. We don’t build our roads or buildings to deal with this kind of heat so when it gets unusually hot there is no where for us to go. There are very few buildings with air con other than huge office blocks and some largescale restaurants.

We’re expecting temperatures of 30C+ (86F+) within the span of a week, so anyone in the UK make sure to drink plenty of water and take regular breaks if you need to. A cold shower in the morning and at night will also help you hydrate!

I think I probably post this every year too, but for all the people who ask “Why don’t the government do something about the infrastructure/health crisis…”

Our government Is Not Gonna Do That.