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Part 10 of a series of posts honoring the Grenfell Tower victims.

Tony Disson, from the 10th floor of
Grenfell Tower

Tony Disson, 65, was a retired lorry driver, a father and grandfather. Like many Grenfell victims, he made a last phone call before the fire reached his flat, telling a friend “Tell my sons I love them.” His sons posted messages listing him as missing, and one of them spoke to The Independent:

“I’ve heard that he did not make it, but I have not completely given up hope. I’ve left my details at the rugby club which is being used as an emergency centre and I have been asking around for him.

My dad was well known down here and I have had loads of calls. He had been in the flat for about nine years. He lived alone and was
quite happy there.“

But sadly, he had died in the flat. His family released a statement via the police, reading:

“Losing him has left a void that can never be filled. Tony was the most generous person you could ever meet, he didn’t have much but would always be there to help people.

He had a great sense of humour, especially in the face of the practical jokes the boys would play on him.

Tony was a real family man. His boys were his life. He was a
loving husband, and a one in a million Dad.”

Tony had four sons, five grandchildren (with a sixth being born later), and three great-grandchildren. 150 people attended his funeral, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan. His funeral procession included multiple floral tributes, including one in the shape of boxing gloves, as he was a big fan of both boxing and football.