It’s pretty standard practice in many places in America (every place I’ve lived, at least) to send at least a cop car with an ambulance. Emergency services all route from the same 911 call center. That being said, you shouldn’t risk someone dying. Maybe it would help to stay by the person having a medical emergency? Also, it’s true that often those taken in the ambulance have to foot an enormous bill depending on if they’re insured. (1/2)

God, really? Just for the ride? That’s awful. :(

I Googled to see if Britain also sends cop cars with ambulances and I’m not sure. One thing that’s happened with me is, a couple of times I’ve seen homeless people just kinda unconscious-looking on street benches, and I don’t like the thought of just leaving them there (one time, someone just marched up and kicked a guy) so both times that happened I got a nearby security guard, who don’t carry guns, and just said something like “I tried waking up that guy and it’s not working, should I call an ambulance or can you keep an eye on him?” Both times the security guards just kinda blew the situation off, but I’ve been watching them and they don’t seem hostile to folks on the streets as far as I can tell? But of course the rub there is “as far as I can tell.” :(