Public Service Announcement via @the.root #fingersupdontcall

A couple years ago, my mother (who is white) was watching from her window and saw a strange young black man in her driveway. He was crouching down beside her car as if hiding behind it. She didn’t call the police. She just kept an eye on him and waited. After about a minute of coaxing, he pulled a puppy out from under her car, gently tucked the puppy under his arm and walked away while lightly scolding it.

I’m not telling this story because my mom deserves a prize or anything, but to try to relate how terrifying a simple everyday activity can be. If my mother hadn’t been the person she was—and he had no way of knowing that—rescuing a lost wandering puppy could have easily gotten that man killed.

“rescuing a lost wandering puppy could have easily gotten that man killed”

-a sentence sounding utterly crazy to a non-American person

I have a question and this seemed like a good place to ask it. As I’m typing it out I know how utterly dystopian and horrible it sounds, but…

If you see a black person having a medical problem that’s not easily fixable and could result in them harming themselves, is it safe to call an ambulance? Or do you run the risk of the cops coming along too and shooting them on the spot just for yelling or holding something? Should you try to help them yourself without calling anyone?