Tonight a “major incident” was declared in my city and everyone (including me) freaked the fuck out. Luckily I think it’s contained, or calming down, and it was almost certainly a gas explosion (there was one in a village just before Christmas too.) Couldn’t concentrate on tonight’s Call the Midwife since it focused around a fire. But anyway, um-

Far-right ‘politician’ and noted Holocaust denier Nick Griffin thinks It Was The Muslims, Despite There Being No Evidence Of That, It Was Totally The Muslims and Not A Gas Explosion. So I tweeted a tweet saying shame on you, and now … I’m a special snowflake and a fucking idiot and also some guy suggested my family should die in a terrorist attack??? I love to fight, but this is… not the sort of thing I usually do. I didn’t even know where the block button on Twitter was until recently.

But also, god, FUCK Nick Griffin. The fire isn’t even out yet??!?! We don’t even know if people died?!?!?!