Tonight a “major incident” was declared in my city and everyone (including me) freaked the fuck out. Luckily I think it’s contained, or calming down, and it was almost certainly a gas explosion (there was one in a village just before Christmas too.) Couldn’t concentrate on tonight’s Call the Midwife since it focused around a fire. But anyway, um-

Far-right ‘politician’ and noted Holocaust denier Nick Griffin thinks It Was The Muslims, Despite There Being No Evidence Of That, It Was Totally The Muslims and Not A Gas Explosion. So I tweeted a tweet saying shame on you, and now … I’m a special snowflake and a fucking idiot and also some guy suggested my family should die in a terrorist attack??? I love to fight, but this is… not the sort of thing I usually do. I didn’t even know where the block button on Twitter was until recently.

But also, god, FUCK Nick Griffin. The fire isn’t even out yet??!?! We don’t even know if people died?!?!?!

Thanks for your comments you guys <3 The Leicester police just released a statement saying it wasn’t terror-related, but I figured it was a gas explosion soon as I heard it was in a residential area, cos… it happened before so recently.

But god FUCK Nick Griffin and his fans, again, because what sort of sick asshole do you have to be to hear about a developing tragedy and think “how can I be racist about this”