(from an interview with George Lucas re: The Phantom Menace)

I really love this interview and this moment in particular because Star Wars is the story of Anakin Skywalker, the PT is the run up to Vader and the OT is the fallout from Vader, that his story revolves around internal balance of good vs evil, obligation to fellow people, and the choices you make about your own destiny.

I keep thinking of how current canon is really underscoring that last part in particular, that Anakin’s choice to turn to the Dark Side is very much on his own shoulders.

Anakin became a Jedi Knight,“ Obi-Wan interjects, a thread of steel in his voice.  “He served valiantly in the Clone Wars.  His fall to darkness was more his choice than anyone else’s failure.  Yes, I bear some responsibility–and perhaps you do, too–but Anakin had the training and the wisdom to choose a better path.  He did not. (From a Certain Point of View – “Master and Apprentice”)


“No.  I refuse.  This is all there is.”  (Darth Vader #5)

are two recent examples just off the top of my head!  Anakin had a choice of many paths, he had the wisdom to choose a better one, he was specifically shown a better one by the kyber crystal, and still decided to go with the Dark Side.

But also this interview is about the obligation to your fellow man and those around you, which is why this line is such an important one from The Phantom Menace:

The problem with the GFFA is that nobody did anything to help others, that’s the central theme of the moral decay, that nobody would risk themselves to help others. Certainly, we see main characters that are helping others–TPM is all about Anakin helping the Jedi, TCW is all about the Jedi helping the entire Republic during the war, it’s about Padme trying to help fight against the decline of the Republic, even ROTS has Bail Organa trying to help the Jedi when they’re being murdered and then he and Mon Mothma founding the Rebellion to help the galaxy.

But the state of the galaxy that they’re working with, the greater atmosphere of the story (and I also touch briefly on it in this post about the propaganda book, though, that was more about the Jedi than about the corruption and moral decay of the Republic, which is what I’m talking about here) is that nobody helps each other.  This is absolutely central to Anakin’s character.

The themes are about destiny, about how you might not be as satisfied if you don’t listen to what your feelings are actually telling you instead of letting your fear and selfishness consume you (quote: the entirety of Revenge of the Sith), it’s even about the role of machinery and droids in relation to being human, which no one embodies more thoroughly in those movies than Anakin Skywalker.