dear young creative people,




please don’t post your concepts on here unless you intend for them to become free domain. 

if you’re an artist or a writer and you think out loud like “what if there was a story where [original concept] happened?” somebody will take it and write it for you. somebody will draw it. somebody might make a kickstarter and get it funded without ever crediting you. if that’s your intent, that’s great. but really, don’t post your ideas if you want to be the one to make them happen

way too often i’ve seen someone start musing about a concept and then 10 replies later someone has drawn art and developed a novel around it, without the OP ever saying they could. hell, movies are being made off of tumblr posts at this point. 

so 1) if you’re a creator and want your ideas to stay your own, be cautious! it might be tempting to get the immediate validation, but i promise you it’ll be more rewarding to see your own idea to fruition than to get 50-100k notes of people who borrow your thoughts and forget you were ever the source.

and 2) if you see someone throwing their ideas around, don’t write/draw/expand on them until you’ve been given permission.

Cannot stress this enough!! I’ve had a few fun ideas about Vampires, thinking I’d never use them. literally over 1 million notes combined later, comic, fanfics, and short stories, I’m sitting here actually writing a book of Vampire short stories, and I’m like! I hope I beat all those people to actually publishing something, because it was MY idea. Whoops!!!

and then you have buzzfeed and facebook out there yanking our text posts without credit, so our ideas are getting spread much further than our cultivated blogging platforms. smfh!

Yeah, this was the mistake I made with that Romeo and Juliet thing…