Spectacle Island settlement build – Part 2

From top to bottom – Garden, guard quarters exterior, guard quarters interior, dormitory exterior, dining room/kitchen, living room (featuring cats), upstairs living room, overseer’s cabin exterior, bedroom, kitchen

Because this is the *one* settlement location I’ve found where I don’t have to constantly fight the size limitations, I wanted to take the opportunity to make every corner of The Boardwalk feel like an inviting place to live. I took that mentality beyond the realm of building and decorating though, and I took the time to equip every single settler with new clothes and weapons to fit their job. My farmers got clean dresses and slacks, my shopkeepers got tuxedos and suits, and my guards even got all the legendary armor and weapons I’ve been collecting since the start of the game.

The only thing I wish I could do now is give everyone names. Is there a mod for that? I just want my settlers to have randomly-generated names and traits just like they do in Fallout Shelter. Only then will my fantastic island settlement feel complete.

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