Hi, fellow TLMOE fans! Okay:

The show MAY OR MAY NOT get a fourth series. Ratings are down, Will Forte has said he doesn’t know if the show will be renewed, it is CHAOS and (minor) BADNESS. So, I figured that since we won’t get a new episode until April 23rd, we could devote some of that time to pushing TLMOE just that tiny bit further up Fox’s ‘renew’ list.

So here’s some stuff you can do if you wanna!

SIDE NOTE: Keith L Williams does not have a Twitter, thankfully, as he is a child, but should you take the tweeting-to-Fox option it may be worth sending him some praise as for the past couple days I’ve heard nothing but whining about how adding a kid to the cast is ruining the show and is SURE TO LEAD TO ITS CANCELLATION etc

TLMOE is such a good, absurd, optimistic-about-human-nature show, I really don’t wanna lose it. It has so much more to give!

Pass this along!