they really actually craft glued glitter onto belle’s gown this movie isn’t real

“Notably, Emma Watson, according to the costumer in several interviews, was ultimately given creative control over this gown, and that she designed is a gown that is very Emma Watson, especially when considering the lack of gloves and the currently fashionable stick-straight hair. Emma was dressed for this scene. Belle was not.”

(They are SO fucking dumb for giving her so much control! The fuck does she know? …Nothing, clearly.)

@ithotyouknew2 look at these edges and that trim oh my god?

If I were that costume designer, I would’ve quit on the spot like who the fuck does she think she is coming and overpowering another woman’s gig and knowledge and wow I feel so sorry for the whole department cause lord knows I would be blacklisted after the fit I’d throw if she tried that with me.

Like my god is that fabric from Joann? Look at the puckering on the hems you can tell they gave up.

Right? Bitch you are you? Can you sew? You can’t even act!

The hems have a decorative stitch on the bottom but like why is it SO puckered overall? And there’s GLUE. GLUE ALL OVER IT. THEY JUST…

Like they HAD a budget, wtf happened? Did she have them change it over and over again to the point that they had no time left or what?

The decorative edging on the tiers would look better in a different fabric and if they had gathered the skirt but this just looks like it needs to be steamed and that glitter? Like…I’m….so mad about that glitter? 300 million dollars and they used some hobby lobby craft glitter? And glue? With a delicate fabric? With tiers you can SEE? Even the glitter dots could’ve been a crystal, something to add dimension but they really stenciled on some damn designs like a downtown la knock off of a couture gown like my god I am so pissed. Now I feel sorry for that designer. She has her name on this forever I’m glad they’re letting us know Emma did the most but I can’t believe that they would let her choose the methods of construction too like someone has to be to blame for that. This dress looks like it costs about 299.99.

That dress looks like a festive napkin :/

this really looks like some damn walmart curtains

I am SO UP for this dress drama!

Why are you people like this

“women have the right to dress and look how they want until it conflicts with my desire for everything to look exactly like it did in my childhood”

“capitalism is bad and wrong until this dress from my childhood looks cheap”

Wait is 299.99 cheap for a fancy dress? Asking for a me.

Well, @sarah531 a dress like this requires a lot of fabric (my gf tells me “ten yards at least”). Precious fabric (like silk) easily cost 30$ a yard.
Decorative edges and machine embroidery are time consuming and expensive too.
A silk custom dress with embroideries would cost at least 1800$ not counting the design work :
-300 $ for the muslin and fittings (assuming the fit is custom but not the design)
-400 $ for the fabric, lining and trims
-100 $ for machine embroidery (hand embroidery would cost in the thousands)
-1000 $ for the time spent sewing the dress

So yes 300$ is quite cheap !

(a silk ready-made version of this dress made overseas by underpaid workers would cost 300$ at least but a polyester dress would cost far less)

Oh sweet, I didn’t expect an actual researched answer! Thanks! :)