its weird being 18, 19, 20 in 2016 because i remember going into kindergarten and seeing those chunky ass giant computers at the desk and then going through school while technology rapidly develops and graduate in a world where people can have the entire internet and more just in their pocket like idk its so strange to me

sorry to add to the post but I remember in 5th grade when they invented the “smart whiteboard” and my school won one for the library and everyone lost their shit because they were so expensive and I graduated high school last year and by the time I graduated every single classroom had one. Watching technology go from glitchy and expensive to powerful and affordable within less than ten years continues to blow my mind

no but also like owning a flip phone was the Coolest Shit™ and you could take photos(???) and it was like so incredible, and it was all fun and games until you pressed the key for THE INTERNET and you knew you’d be charged so you pressed that cancel key eighty times and prayed to god that he’d take mercy on you…and then iphones became a thing and it was like unreal

#the tech that has come around in the last ten years has been amazing #like just watching us go from vcrs to dvds to downloadable copies

Oh yeah. I remember being 6, and going to the video store to rent Pokemon VHS, and having to rewind them before I returned them. Then at 8 watching Spy Kids 2 on a DVD, and marveling at not needing to rewind a disk. Then Netflix, where you didn’t need to go to a video store? That was amazing.

Now everyone streams, and it’s just something that would have been futuristic to my 5 year old self.