Mike Miler/Erica (or one of ’em on their own!) + photograph


“And this is my first ever mugshot!” Erica proclaimed, proudly showing Mike the framed photo in the kitchen. 

“I know you said they’re oblivious, but wouldn’t the rest of the group wonder why you have a -” Mike started, only to be interrupted by Phil walking by.

Hey, broski, looking at Erica’s fun little Halloween picture, huh? She has a bunch of Halloween stuff just lying about – a jumpsuit, broken handcuffs, really committing to her costume,” Phil laughed, and he leaned in and fake whispered to Mike: “Between you and me, I’d say Erica has been in jail this whole time!” He laughed, slapping Mike on the back and grabbing a danish from the counter before disappearing down the hall. 

Mike looked back at Erica, who was looking back at him with a raised a eyebrow and a “you see what I mean?” look on her face. 

“Yeah I get it now,” Mike said, and he raised his cup. “To their obliviousness.” 

Erica giggled and raised her cup as well. “To their obliviousness.” 

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omg their voices are done PERFECTLY