so like its canon that when padme’s handmaidens were in handmaiden bootcamp before she was coronated as queen (but presumably after she was elected) that padme snuck in and joined them? but like, what if she didnt sneak in? what if its like, The Thing for the queen-elect to join her handmaidens in handmaid bootcamp. like. what if. 

amidala seems to be a reigning name taken by padme to conceal her true identity- we already know that the naboo are very fond of shit like that due to the handmaidens/decoys etc. 

so like padme went into handmaid bootcamp as padme naberrie, and all the handmaidens were like, heyy padme! wanna join in on our betting pool as to which one of us is secretly the queen? padme bets its dorme, corde bets its teckla, teckla and dorme think its padme, yane bets on herself being the queen because shes a shithead and wants to fuck with everyone, and so on. idk where im going with this, but like. bootcamp shenanigans. 

and then when padme is actually coronated and the bond between her and the handmaidens is so much stronger than just ruler and subordinates, which is what was supposed to happen, because the naboo are wily motherfucker- and in the end the queen of naboo is, and always has been, more than just one person.