My Dad Also Wants Me to Be a Pokemon Master

Me: *gasp* Oh, my God! It’s a Dratini!
Mom: In the Wal-Mart? *pause* What’s Dratini?
Me: Cute, baby dragon.
Mom: Oh.
Me: But he’s underweight.
Dad: So feed him! Poor thing!
[Excited by this malnourished baby dragon, my parents take it upon themselves to drive me all over downtown, looking for Pokemon.]
Dad: Okay, so do you see anything around here?
Me: A Pidgey.
Dad: A Pidgey? I drove all the way out here for a PIDGEY?
Me: Oh, here’s a Magikarp!
Dad: That’s worse!
Mom: What’s a Magikarp?
Dad: A useless fish.
Mom: *pause* Can you feed it to the underweight baby dragon!?

[via radiantseraphina]