I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but, despite all that stuff about being the Guardians of Peace, the Jedi sure love war. Not as an institution, mind you, but the individual members love fighting. Seriously, look at how jazzed they all are in the Clone Wars. Oh, some of them find it super traumatizing (looking at you, Barriss), but most of them are grinning like loons as they run around stabbing things. And it’s not just Anakin…and Ahsoka…and Obi-Wan. Kit Fisto’s having a blast in the Water Wars arc. Master Mundi is super excited to be using flamethrowers during “Landing at Point Rain.” Even wee Caleb Dume is having the time of his life hanging out with his new army buds and wrecking shit.

So, I wondered, why do Jedi love violence so damn much, and then it occurred to me. It’s the only time they’re allowed to express their anger, fear, etc. They’ve spent their whole lives bottling it up and now they can just let it lose. Not enough to go Dark Side, obviously, but just enough to get out some of the excess aggression. Just take the edge off, as it were.