British Muslim teacher was denied entry to the US: “It made me feel like a criminal.”

  • On Feb. 16, a 25-year-old British Muslim teacher from Wales was denied entry to New York City before the wheels of the plane even left ground, Time reported.
  • Juhel Miah was in Reykjavik, Iceland, with fellow teachers and schoolchildren for a class trip. 
  • When the group checked in, Miah was told he was selected for a “random security check” and taken into another room for a screening.
  • Miah was cleared to board the flight, but then security officials removed him from the plane. 
  • His luggage was taken from him and he was sent to a “horrendous hotel” until school officials booked a flight for him back to the United Kingdom.
  • There has been no clear explanation as to why Miah was removed from the plane and denied entry to the U.S.  Miah only has British citizenship. Read more (2/21/17 11:19 AM)

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